If you find yourself cooking less and less, here are some gadgets that may help turn that around

We’re all so busy that it’s no surprise if you find yourself reaching for the instant ramen or hitting up Postmates more than you’d like to. Don’t beat yourself up about it — it’s natural to tire of cooking night after night for the rest of your life. 

In the new year, instead of burning yourself out by trying to get into cooking complicated dishes, why not buy yourself some of the best kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier? From Instant Pots and air fryers to hand mixers and graters, these products make cooking easier, so you might be tempted to spend more time in the kitchen. 

Drew Barrymore’s Hero Pan makes elegant, trendy cookware affordable

Tips for getting back into cooking

Perhaps you used to cook more often, maybe you even loved cooking. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to fall off the cooking wagon and start finding it a chore. As the new year rolls around and people start making resolutions, many of us want to cook from scratch more. Here are some tips to help you get back into cooking without piling on the pressure or feeling guilty for letting it fall by the wayside. 

Start simple

If you’re finding it difficult to cook regularly, the last thing you need to do is try to tackle complicated recipes. Think of some simple favorites and start with those. And, don’t be afraid to take shortcuts if you need to. Can’t face chopping vegetables? Buy some pre-prepared veggies. Don’t want to make that pesto from scratch? Buy it ready-made. 

Think about what you love

Cooking can be joyful, so think about what draws you to cooking and focus on that. Maybe you want to learn how to make amazing Vietnamese food or perhaps you like geeking out over lesser-known condiments or tropical fruits. Whatever you love about food and cooking, lean into that. 

Gather useful cooking tools

The right kitchen gadgets make cooking easier. Arm yourself with some of these and you may find you spend less time in the kitchen while still making tasty meals. We’ll walk you through some of our favorite gadgets later. 

Cook with — or for — friends

If cooking by yourself doesn’t appeal, consider inviting friends over to cook with you. Or, if you’re happy to cook alone but find cooking just for yourself uninspiring, why not invite a few friends over and cook for them? You might find more happiness in cooking for and sharing food with others. 

Explore batch cooking

Cooking night after night gets many people down. But there’s an easy way to remedy this: batch cooking. Instead of cooking for the number of people in your household, double or triple the batch and store leftovers in the fridge or freezer for those days you can’t face cooking. 

Best kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier

Best Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

What can’t an Instant Pot do? Well, it won’t do the prep work for you, but it can slow cook, pressure cook, make rice, cook pasta and much more. Stick the ingredients in, press a few buttons and you can relax until dinnertime. 

Best Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

This air fryer makes deliciously crispy food without the effort of frying. You put your ingredients in the basket, set the temperature and timer and let it roll. It can also roast, reheat and dehydrate food. 

Best Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker

A waffle maker might help you become excited about getting back in the kitchen because who doesn’t love waffles? Just mix up the batter, pour it in, and the rest is up to this handy appliance. 

Best Braun Electric Hand Mixer

Braun Electric Hand Mixer

If one of the things that turns you off about cooking is the mixing, chopping and kneading, this multifunction hand mixer will help you out. Among the best kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier, it not only mixes, but also has dough hooks for kneading and a miniature food processor attachment. 

Best Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Dutch Oven

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is the kind of pan you can just stick ingredients in, put them in the oven and wait for the timer to count down. Not only is a Dutch oven a practical choice, this one is beautiful, too.

Best DASH Rapid Egg Cooker

DASH Rapid Egg Cooker

This egg cooker can cook up to six eggs at once. You can use it for hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached eggs, scrambled eggs or omelets, so it’s a hugely versatile gadget. 

Best Anyday Microwave Cookware

Anyday Microwave Cookware

Not your average microwave cookware, these pieces are endorsed by Chef David Chang of Momofuku and Ugly Delicious. They’re made from sturdy borosilicate glass and have a gasket in the lid that keeps enough steam in to cook effectively but vents any excess to prevent pressure buildup. 

Best Microplane Professional Series Grater

Microplane Professional Series Grater

Prepping aromatics, such as garlic and ginger, can be a pain, but a coarse Microplane grater makes the process effortless. It also works brilliantly for cheese, nuts and chocolate. It might seem simple, but it’ll soon become your favorite kitchen gadget.

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